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Alex Charles is an United Kingdom, born and bred, Singer, Songwriter, musician, entertainer.

Has had hit singles the UK Charts through out the eighties and nineties with songs such as ‘Funky Sensation’ ‘it may be winter outside’ and ‘So Beautiful’.

Alex is also a lead singer for the soul group Heatwave for over 25 years performing their international hits such as ‘Boogie Nights’ ‘Mind Blowing Decisions’ and the classic ballad ‘Always and Forever’.
Alex still performs with Heatwave along side Keith Wilder, the leader of the group on concert tours, corporate events etc.

Alex Charles is a very dedicated musician and song writer and is constantly recording and producing Gospel music, love songs and dance Music which he’ll also perform on his shows along with the hit singles.
One of Alex’s well known songs, he has performed live with Heatwave for many years , is the song ‘Euphoria’ of which will be released in the summer.

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