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Turkish singer/songwriter Ecem Uzgor was born in Bursa/Turkey and grew up in London/UK. She speaks English, Turkish and Spanish. She started playing violin at the age of 12 with the influence of her harpist uncle Cagatay Akyol who has been giving concerts worldwide. She played violin in Yalova Orchestra until the age of 16. She attended to a singing competition called Miller Music factory at the age of 18 and gained the 3rd place in cover category among 2000 applications which was broadcasted in Dream TV/Turkey in 2008. She received her award from Ferman Akgül who is the lead vocalist of Band Manga that represented Turkey in Eurovision 2010. This achievement motivated her to make progress in performing arts and she decided to move to London for studying music and acting. She performed in musicals such as Godspell and Cinderella in London. She has always been very passionate about acting and singing (performing arts) As she gained some reputation in arts sector, she started receiving offers for modeling works. After working in runway shows such as London fashion week, Essex fashion week, Harrods fashion week etc. around the world, in 2016, she represented Turkey in Top Model of The World in Germany. She has been pursuing her singing career internationally and performing her music with various musicians and bands.

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