Rouhangeze & Tomasz Bura


5 March


Primo Bar




Mauritian born Rouhangeze Baichoo is an absolute natural to the art of singing. Her timing in delivery of phrases brings about such a resolute feeling of joy to the listener. Charged with a passionate heart, every nuance articulates a dynamic story, grabbing your attention in wanting to hear where she takes you next. This is a singer of depth encased with a velvet tone, sensuality and by far, uniquely different from the flock.

Offering a wide genre of stylistic interpretation, Rouhangeze covers an ethnic diversity beautifully articulate in various languages. Ranging from Jazz, soul, and indigenous folk influences one can hear how warm a person she is matched by a high intelligence in who she works with.

Now she teams up with polish pianist and composer Tomasz Bura and this collaboration “hits the nail on the head!” Tom’s spirited and playful energy effortlessly supports the singing of Rouhangeze, with an interesting twist, interaction and complicity. He will take you on a beautiful journey tickling your senses with a sensitive, giving and passionate approach…

Steeped in tradition, yet accessibly contemporary to the ear, this is a duo that touches the soul, makes you smile and entertain any setting.

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